Industries We Serve
Since 1999, OPE has helped bring products to market in a variety of industries including aviation, defense, medical research, and electronics.

NASA Projects

OPE researches and develops technology for NASA for the Orion Program and Orion Spacesuit.

Military Projects

OPE provides a full range of services from proposal writing through full production and DCMA certification.

Water Survival

OPE has designed military grade Life Preserver Units (LPUs) using new materials and manfacturing techniques previously unavailable.

Durable Medical Equipment

OPE develops products for the healthcare industry with FDA approval and CMS Accreditation.

Classified Research and Development

OPE designs and fabricates cutting edge test equipment, requiring ITAR certification, to evaluate environmental performance of new Microchips for IBM, Infineon, Motorola, Ericsson and Lucent Technologies.

Commercial Product Engineering

OPE provides Industrial and commercial product Research & Development from concept to certifications, manufacturing Work Instruction through to Final Inspection Quality Control.

OPE developed the first user configurable software for the Pharmaceuticals, Foods and Materials handling industry to receive National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certification.
Our Experience
  • Air Crew Flight Equipment
    • Submitted Proposals
    • Secured Contracts
    • Managed Program
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Complete Product Development
    • Clinical Studies
    • FDA Approved
    • Safe-To-Fly Certification
    • Production Contracts
    • CBRNE Ensemble
    • RTOC Contract
    • TEMP Contract
    • Production Readiness Review
    • 7 Patents on Technology
    • GSA Contract
    • ISO Compliant
    • Tricare Approval
  • Laser Eye Protection
    • Product Design
    • Prototype
    • Patented
  • ProRen Bladder Management System
    • Sensor Development
    • Proprietary Hydro-Block Air Vent
    • Medical-Grade Material Development
    • FDA Approved
    • CMS Accreditation
    • TriCare Approval
    • ISO Compliant
  • ProRen FLO
    • Developed for NASA/Boeing
    • Zero Gravity Testing
  • Pulmonary Cooling System
  • Flexible Impeller Pump
    • Dry Running
    • Self Priming
    • Low Power
    • Patented
  • Compression Load Cells
  • F15, F16, B1 Fuel Gage Probes
    • Ballistic Vibration Testing
  • Fiber Optic Fuel Density Probe
  • Medical Waste Tracking and Management System
    • EPA Certified
    • NIST Certified
  • Digital Scale Indicators
    • High Resolution A to D Conversion
    • NIST Certified
  • OMS-50-S Data Card Interface
  • Industrial Process Control Systems
    • Barcode and RFID Tag Tracking
  • IBM Test Equipment
    • Silicon Wafer Static Discharge Testing
    • Cutting Edge Circuit Development
    • ITAR Certification
  • IBM Facility
    • 5 Micron Electron Beam Lithography Facility
    • 8" Wafer Production Fabrication Equipment
    • 8" Wafer Production Test Equipment
  • Microchip Environmental Test Equipment
    • Motorola
    • Lucent
    • Ericsson
    • Infinion
    • ITAR Certification
  • Digital On-Board Weighing System
    • NTEP Certified
    • In-Motion Weighing
  • Pharmaceutical and Food Batching System
    • FDA Approved
    • NIST Certified
  • Space Shuttle Controls
    • Electronic Packaging for SRB Separation Control
  • UniWeigh Software
    • NIST Certified
    • First User Configurable
  • Bio-Chamber for Tissue Development
    • Configurable Stepper Motor Software
    • Controller Board with AVR Embedded Interface
    • Circuit Board, Firmware, and Software Interface
  • Wireless Vacuum Monitor
    • Wireless Sensor Unit
    • Wireless Embedded Controller
    • Circuit Board, Cabling, and Enclosures
  • Atomic Force Microscope Focusing Element
    • Piezoelectric Element Controller Instrument
    • Circuit Board, Cabling, and Enclosure
    • Control Software
  • Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
    • Wireless Measurement of 3-Axis Acceleration
    • Arduino Microcontroller, 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • CricketSWAC Educational Sensors
    • Atmospheric Sensor
    • Balloon Borne Atmospheric Measurements
    • Wireless
    • Miniature
    • Low Power
  • Rifle Trigger Fire Analyzer
    • Monitor Rifle Motion and Trigger Force
    • Developed on iOS for iPhone and iPad
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless
    • Load Sensing Trigger
    • Load Sensing Interface
    • Firmware
  • NASA CubeSat
    • UHF Beacon Communication Circuit
    • RF Circuit
    • Hot-Wire Antenna Deployment
    • RF Antenna Switching Circuit
    • Embedded Power Control System
    • Met NASA and FCC requirements